Measurement and calibration training

We have a wide selection of courses covering a range of metrology topics: Uncertainty - Dimensional – Lasers and Lamps – Radiation – Electrical – Geometrical tolerancing – Nanoparticles - Biogas

When it comes to measurement training, we set the standard

We offer classroom courses, e-learning or a combination of both (blended). You can attend courses, which run all over the country, or we can come to you.

NPL is committed to sharing its expertise with industry to build and enhance measurement skills and capabilities. Metrology, the science of measurement, enables you to question and plan your processes, improve the quality of your products and reduce your costs. This can have a direct impact on productivity and profitability. Our training covers the importance of metrology, advancements in measurement science and the application of good measurement practices.

As one of the world’s leading National Measurement Institutes and a recognised centre of excellence, NPL’s training courses and qualifications across a range of subjects are available at different technical skills levels. Our courses sit within a unique training framework which enables progression and recognition. Our training is perfect for manufacturers who require absolute confidence in their measurements and sensing applications, across all industry sectors.

Our training courses have been categorised according to technical level and aligned to the qualification levels in the Regulated Qualifications Framework. Check out the ALFAMet® training framework for more information.

Businesses that NPL has helped get closer to perfection

NPL’s training opportunities offer crucial made-to-measure career development

Keith Bevan, former Head of Manufacturing and Training at the National Physical Laboratory, reveals to The Manufacturer how NPL provides training and upskilling opportunities

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Training helps improve quality control and customer satisfaction

Dawson Precision Components (DPC) is a Lancashire-based engineering firm producing high quality precision components from specialised materials for a variety of different sectors including medical, telecoms, transport and energy.

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Piston ring manufacturer doubles throughput

PPUK’s customers require that piston rings be chrome plated to reduce wear in the hostile environment of diesel engines.

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Development of a practical Johnson noise thermometer

Conventional temperature sensors, such as thermocouples or resistance thermometers, are widely used to monitor and control a huge range of processes from manufacturing aircraft engine turbine blades to sterilising food products.

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Saving lives through early foot ulcer detection

There are over 400 million diabetics in the world, 15% of whom are prone to diabetic foot ulcers, including skin breakdown, infection and, ultimately, amputation.

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NPL qualifications are accredited by EAL,
the specialist skills partner and awarding organisation for industry