Bespoke training

Customised content delivered by experts

Tailored programmes, designed to suit your business needs

Bespoke measurement and calibration training programmes can fill specific skills gaps and address organisational challenges in a cost-effective way. We can combine elements from existing NPL courses or design a customised curriculum to meet your specific needs.

We work closely with your development and leadership teams to design the training to upskill your workforce and realise your company’s objectives. Tailored courses allow you to develop your people, processes and procedures and achieve industry compliance.

We regularly work with the world’s leading precision and advanced manufacturers so you can have confidence in our ability to design exactly the training you need.


  • Customised curriculum and content to meet the skills needs of your business
  • Empower, retain and upskill staff
  • Receive a complete analysis of your skills needs before and after training
  • Improve understanding and approaches to measurement strategy

Whether you want to enhance product output, increase customer satisfaction, decrease materials waste or optimise manufacturing processes, bespoke training will help your business.

“I have learnt a lot about the different types of measurements that can be taken … the course has definitely improved my understanding of basic metrology”
“This course has developed and improved my knowledge in metrology, which will help me in my career”
“Excellent, very informative and enjoyable”
“Good course, learnt a lot; instructor was very good”
“I enjoyed the course and feel that it was presented and taught in a clear and well thought-out manner”

To explore the benefits of a customised approach to training and take advantage of our complimentary training needs analysis contact us.