NPL is making lifelong learning an indispensable part of the UK’s industrial and manufacturing sectors

The need for training and upskilling programmes within the UK’s manufacturing sector is both well understood and well known. At the start of this year, a British Chambers of Commerce survey indicated that the UK’s manufacturers are facing the biggest skilled labour shortage for almost 30 years, leading to stagnating levels of growth and business confidence.

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) provides a wide range of practical training courses designed to meet the needs of industry. With a mixture of topics ranging from dimensional measurement and uncertainty, through to measurement of mass, temperature, humidity and instrument calibration, NPL uses its close working relationship with the UK’s manufacturing sector to provide the training that industry needs.

Real world impact
NPL ensures that its cutting-edge measurement science has a positive impact in the real world, and transferring measurement skills from the laboratory to industry is an important part of that mission. The courses enable learners to make a difference within their workplaces. Instilling the right measurement skills and behaviours improves their organisation’s capabilities and ensures that measurements are consistent and, more importantly, trustworthy. Supporting improvements in the manufacturing process provides employers with the opportunity to generate a return on training investment and, ultimately, potential cost savings to the business.

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