Radiation Biology and Modelling

Specialism: Radiation

Skill Level: Advanced Level

Delivery Method: Classroom

Duration: 4 days

Course Status: Postponed

Price: £600

Course description

Course currently postponed. Dates to be confirmed January 2021.


Practical and theoretical course on radiobiology and modelling to support clinical/research staff working in radiotherapy and related fields.


The course will consist of lectures and three practical sessions.


Lecture cover:

  • Basic radiobiological concepts
  • Cell death/survival, DNA damage and repair processes
  • Tumour Control and Normal Tissue Complication Probability (TCP – NTCP) models
  • Clinical radiobiology, radiation response of tumours and normal tissues
  • Radiobiological aspects of charged particle therapy
  • Biological basis for current radiotherapy approaches including novel fractionation schemes, IMRT, modification of hypoxia, hadron therapy, combined radiotherapy/chemotherapy.

Practical sessions:

  • Techniques for experimentation in radiation biology, led by experts from the pre-clinical dosimetry team and covering areas such as kV QA & dose determination in radiobiological cabinets and small animal irradiators
  • Hands-on PC-based session using the (freely available) Biosuite software for TCP- & NTCP-based treatment-plan optimization
  • Demonstration of state-of-the-art biological optimization for treatment planning using RayStation.


  • Dr. Miriam Barry (NPL)
  • Prof. Neil Burnet (The Christie NHS Foundation Trust)
  • Prof. Anthony Chalmers (University of Glasgow)
  • Prof. Roger Dale (Imperial College)
  • Dr. Charles Deehan (formerly of Guys and St. Thomas’)
  • Dr. John Fenwick (University of Liverpool)
  • Dr. Claudio Fiorino (Ospedale San Raffaele, Milan – Italy)
  • Dr. Mohammad Hussein (NPL)
  • Dr. Peter Julyan (The Christie NHS Foundation Trust)
  • Prof. Alan Nahum (formerly of Clatterbridge Cancer Centre)
  • Prof. Andy Nisbet (UCL)
  • Dr. Hugo Palmans (MedAustron, Wiener Neustadt)
  • Prof. Kevin Prise (Queens University Belfast)
  • Dr Tiziana Rancati (Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori, Milan – Italy)
  • Dr. Francesco Romano (INFN, Italy)
  • Prof. G. Schettino, University of Surrey (NPL)
  • Prof. Uwe Schneider (University of Zurich)
  • Dr. Marco Schwarz (Proton Therapy Institute, Trento – Italy)
  • Mrs. Ileana Silvestre-Patallo (NPL)
  • Dr. Navita Somaiah (Royal Marsden)
  • Dr. Anna Subiel (NPL)

Download the course programme here.

Who is it for?

Primarily aimed at radiotherapy professionals (oncologists, radiographers, physicists), researchers, trainees, and students of Medical Physics, Radiation Biology and Radiation Oncology.

Further Information

Certificate Type: NPL Certificate of Attendance
Available as open course: No
Available as in-house course: Yes

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Learning outcomes

  • Develop a fundamental, theoretical and practical understanding of all aspects of clinical and pre-clinical radiation biology
  • Familiarity with radiobiological models and their use in creating radio-biologically optimized treatment plans
  • Appreciation of the technical challenges and considerations involved in radiation biology experimentation
  • Awareness of/training in computing tools (free software) designed to complement radiotherapy treatments

Date(s) of next course

Date Location Delivery partner
1 December 2020 Teddington Book


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